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''Les Marcheurs de la Pluie'' is a performance where elements of physical theatre and dance are combined into a performance based on the notions of the plasmatic body and the art brute.

Characters: Six beings into their “umbrellic cocoons”.

Plot: Into a dark and humid place, luminous and lonely creatures are wandering around into their cellophanic cardigans. During their course they move, stop, form spirals; they discover and are being discovered. Scarcely thought do they leave their transparent nests to reveal their interior identity.

The communication with their homologues is uncertain until their final union and the beginning of a new itinerary.



International Street Theatre Festival of Athens, Greece (2011);  Nuit Blanche 2012, Montréal, Canada.

(Interactive Mapping for Mime)


''IAM4MIME'' is a hybrid performance of mime and digital arts with a mime artist, which uses a folding screen as an interactive projection screen. Behind this moveable structure, the mime artist interacts with real and virtual objects and an interactive double. The 20 minute play immerses the spectator in a virtual world and creates a perfect confusion in the spectator's mind: what is real and what is not?

AWARDS : Prix Special at the Concours  International 3D3, and  SIGGRAPH for the Concours Multimedia SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques)- 2010.




“Pleureuses" (''Crying Women") is a minimalist proposition, inspired by the paradox of the actor of Diderot. Can we press the actor in order to cry, laugh etc? It appears so. But what could happen in a case of a “crying woman” that cannot cry? This constitutes the principal axe of the performance: the impossibility of “natural” tear production.

This is the drama of all characters willing to persuade the public of their sadness, but that will always be artificial as the art.  Esthetically the performance uses artificial meanings such as papers, plastics, paintings in order to demonstrate the desperation of the crying woman.

The performance is divided in three autonomous parts: “Drawing in movement”, “Crying Women”, and “Liebestraum” (dream of love).

Festival of Mimos in Perigueux France, “Nuit Blanche” in the Museum of Centre de la Vieille Charité, Marseille, Festival de Trop-Paris, France1rst International Street Theatre Festival of Athens

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