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Come on in! Come on in! Come and see the river in flames! Mr. Sun illuminating the night! The jester sitting on the throne of the king! The dead roaming with a mirror in their hands! Warlocks! Acrobats! Dragons and vampires! A trip in a sea of people. A bridge between illusion and reality. A silence when the others talk incessantly. A desire to get away from the ordinary and finally, a hope that smiling sideways at the fake real world is in our hand.


The motive is Jean Genet’s imagination, our ship is the crave for adventure and the passengers are some “brainless” artists. Destination unknown - as it should be. Stop for refueling soul and courage in the port of Eleusis.


7-17 June at the Old Oil Mill, Eleusis (Greece)

21-22-23 June 2014, Üsküdar Tekel Sahnesinde (Turkey)

28-29 June 2014, Roland Levinsky Building Theatre, Plymouth University (UK).

8-9-10 July 2014, Ebro’s festival- Saragosa (Spain)



Performance Credits:

Text - directed by: Vana Pefani

Scenography: Yorghos Lyntzeris

Costumes: Ioanna Zafeiropoulou

Movement: Yorghos Matskaris

Choreography: Yorghos Matskaris (Greece) - Victor Jimenez (Spain)

Video Art: Nickos Giavropoulos

Music: DNA LAB Christaras Alexandros - Michalis Nivolianitis

Mask's Movement: Antonia Vasilakou - Illustrations Confuses (France)


Assistant directors: Alexandros Mitropoulos - Lia Evangelatou - Simoni Yannatou

Photos: Yorghos Striftaris – Yannis Karkanevatos

Artwork: Yiannis Kardasis



Ieronymos Kaletsanos - Kyriakos Kosmidis - Yorghos Striftaris-Vassilis Afentoulis-Nickos Ioannidis-Nickolina Mouaimi – Vana Pefani - Margarita Papantoni- Dimitris Katsis- Stavroula Economou (Greece) Mattia Furlan-Elena Gil Mas (Spain) and Sinan Temizalp (Turkey)




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