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The non-lucrative association Illustrations Confuses was created for the promotion of physical theatre and mime through theatrical performances and educational meanings. Esthetically and ideologicaly the research of the artists is conduct around two axels: the transformed body through the art brut and the absurdity of the human existence through an original dramaturgy. The artists have participated with their creations “Illustrations Confuses”(2007), “Liebestraum No 3”(2008), “Cosmos”(2008), "Crying Women" (2009), "IAM4Mime" (2010-2011) and "Rain Marchers" (2011) in numberous festivals and events such as the International Street Theatre Festival (Liverpool), the Street Theatre Festival of Athens, Fringe Festival of Athens, Festival de Mimos (Perigueux), Festival de Trop and Nuit Blanche de Marseille.

The association’s activities are also extended to an educational level with annual seminars on physical theatre and mime throughout Europe, especially in France, Greece and Russia.



Actor, mime, director.


Studies : Département du Théâtre de l'Académie des Arts de Khabarovsk (Russia), École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris Marcel Marceau, Master II Arts de Spectacle - Université Paris-8 (France).


Theatre direction : Konets Igry (La fin du jeu) -  J. Kortasar (1997), Dialog jivotnykh (Dialogue des animaux) - P. Besson (1999), Princesse Brambilla - E. T. A. Hoffman (Centre International de L'Eurythmie à Chatou, 2004), How the this becomes the that - D. Rekatchevski  (2005, Paris, Montreal),  Princesse Maleine - M. Maeterlinck (Théâtre de la Madeleine, Troyes 2007).


Actor with the compagnies :  Illustrations Confuses, Athra Cie, Teatro del Silencio, Le Sablier, Scène Infernale, Gestus, Brakasse and others.


Actress, mime, professor in physical theatre.

Co-directing member of the association Illustrations Confuses.


She studies pursued  physical theatre studies at the International School of Mimodrama of Marcel Marceau in Paris.

In parallel, she obtained an MA in Theatre and Performing Arts (DEA-Théâtre et Arts du Spectacle) from the Faculty of Letters, Languages and Spectacles of the University Paris X- Nanterre (2005) and  a PhD on Theatre and the Arts of the Representation from the University of Paris Nanterre with ‘First Class Honors’.

She attended numerous masterclasses on physical theatre and drama techniques in France (Théâtre du Soleil with Ariane Mnouchkine, annual workshop with Théâtre du Mouvement, corporeal mime E. Decroux method with Thomas Leabhart), and in Greece (Workshops on Ancient Greek Drama with Th. Terzopoulos-Savvas Stroumpos, Aris Retsos, Nikaiti Kontouri, Lydia Koniordou, physical theatre with Costas Philippoglou – Frosso Korrou - J. Lecoq and Complicité creative theatre, Aspasia Kralli).

She has graduated from a second MA (Master II) in Theatre Directing and Dramaturgy from the University of Nanterre (2018), with specialization on Contemporary European theatre.

Professional activity: Since 2005 she works as professional movement director/choregraph and physical performer in French, Italian and Greek theatre companies. The last years, she is a collaborator of the French-Chilean street theatre company Teatro del Silencio with which she has toured in France, Spain, Chile, Netherlands and Korea in eight Street Art Festivals (2016-2018).


Her specialization led her on teaching several courses on Physical Theatre and Mime, thought various techniques (Lecoq, Marceau, Grotowski, Barba, Decroux, Meyerhold). 


Performer/Actress for : Antonio Calone, Aspasia Kralli, Christian Bourigault


Choreographer for : Aggeliki Karystinou, Roubini Moschohoriti, Pasquale Calone, Manolis Seiragakis


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